Canine Reproductive Services

At Dill our veterinarians and technicians include longtime breeders who are successful in conformation, obedience, agility and the field.

We understand that it’s not just a litter of puppies; it’s the future of your breed.

We take your breeding seriously and will do everything we can to ensure a successful litter.

Canine Reproductive Doctors:

  • Dr. Terrie Johnson

For the Bitch/Female we offer:

  • emergency clinic servicesProgesterone Timing
  • LH Testing To Confirm Ovulation
  • Artificial Insemination
    • Vaginal
    • Trans Cervical
    • Surgical
  • Guarded Vaginal Cultures

For the Dog/Male we offer:
Semen Services

  • Cultures
  • Evaluation
  • Chilled Shipping
  • Freezing, Shipping And Storage

For Both/All we offer

  • small animal clinicISO Compliant Microchips
  • Health Testing
    • OFA X-Rays
    • OFA Thyroid
    • OFA Patellas
    • Breed Specific DNA Testing


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Contact Information

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San Fernando, CA

Phone: 818-899-5287

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